Powerful Web Macro Recorder

FMacros is a powerful web automation software for Web Automation, Web Scraping and Web Testing. It will record all your actions on browser to a diagram scene, and you can change and control each steps in an intuitive way. No coding, no scripting, all operations are visible and simple. Perfectly supports Windows and Mac OS 10.8+ .


Purposes of FMacros

  • Web Automation

    Record and replay your repetitive web actions on any dynamic pages(with Ajax); Change these actions easily in diagram scene when the site changed; "Judgment" and "Loop" just need drag and drop the lines in scene.

  • Web Scraping

    Scrape anything from pages: Text, Source, Images, Files, Page Metadata...; Support "Rotate proxies" to access websites anonymously; Solve captcha manually or by using a third party service automatically; Can scrape sites faster with multi-threading.

  • Web Testing

    FMacros can import XLS/CSV file to a macro and input rows of the data to forms on pages repeatedly; Can design complex tasks with "validate", "run code" actions to control process.

Latest News

  • FMacros 1.00 Released

    Dec. 4, 2013

    This is the first version of FMacros to be released. We finished all main features, and make lots of testing, now it's a powerful web macros recorder for "Web Automation" ...